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Chances are you've seen people glued to their smartphones and social media all around you. If so, the message this animation conveys shouldn't be new to you. (Unless, of course, you never go outside or only rely on your smartphone to do the thinking)

This type of animation is typically enjoyable for me but something was off this time
The lines were meh and i dunno I suppose iv'e seen too much of this timing before
it just didn't appeal but dont take it personally, please reinvent the wheel

solid, has potential, sad to see it slip in critical areas
no thought provocation and just basic humor
please reinvent the wheel

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i love to bake ducktruk but the only thing thats wrong with the game so far is that the second stage's sound sfx are all in mono. please fix your sound stage, thx

What more could you want?
Stylized graphics, amazing soundtrack, impeccable voice acting, unparalleled interactivity, responsive controls, a diverse set of enemies, an amazing set of explorable scenery and to top it off, a gut wrenching plot that all unravels at the end.
Wow, I'm thoroughly impressed!

Clunky controls, terrible spawns, only one gamemode, unattractive menu system and a terrible tutorial.
AI is shitty at best and there are bugs. Ex: Character doesn't actually aim at the pointer/laser but under it, a terrible way to compensate for recoil.
Also, don't leave info about how to fix the choppy fps in the last paragraph of your description. Info like that should be made clear when people start the game.

Overall a poorly executed/unpolished game that was poorly thought out. The only redeeming quality is the graphics which aren't that impressive - go play a 3d fps instead of this.

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is that a drop? how fitting

So I've been going through some music on the audio front page for the past 15 minutes or so, and I've just had to keep clicking that 0 button every single time because it's the same boring stuff.
There's something appealing about this track though, the background music is very easy to listen to and the vocals have that inflection and depth. Quite a different song.

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hi this is my critiq:
1st of all u cant just have no background doesnt look ok
2nd of all i dont rly like the colors
3rd of all there are some black lines in the background u forgot 2 remove
4th of all this character needs some lens flare if u wanna make it look col i mean i understand u r trying to do action pose but trust me it needs some "incubeation time" if u know wat i mean
feel fre 2 resubmit and i can judge u again ok, dont be mad u can learn

o she lok like monster bc eyes so HUGE wow look at those lashes are those plastiq surgery lol JK I like the nice len flare in the top make it look more natural nd beautiful.... I think u need 2 wrk on ur SHADING!!

ChaseSalmon responds:


Wow I really like this fruit market! I can just imagine shrek wolf going in there all sad and he comes out with some fruits and he is all happy!! this would make a great story!! good job!

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